Saturday, December 31, 2011

tic tac's

One of my favorite candy is tic tac's. i love those things. when i got then when i was little, i would always pretend that it was medicine that i had to tack in order to stay healthy. the other day, my mom took me and my little brother, Andrew, to target. while we where there, i got a mouse for my computer and mom got a vacuum cleaner. after we got to the checkout, me and Andrew both got to git to pick out our own piece or thing of candy. we both chose tic tac's. the orange kind is our favorite, so we both chose that. it was amazing how fast we could find and pick out the special candy. as soon as the cashier handed us back our beloved teats we opened them and shook out two each. as soon as we plopped the two delicious candy in our mouths, we umed and awed. to us, the candy was one of the best things in the world. i still have some of those beloved tic tac's. Andrew ran out the other day. eater way you chose to eat your candy, fast or slow. NOTHING beats tic tac's.

Friday, December 23, 2011


there is only ONE "good" way to live life. that way is GOD'S WAY. we should always live life Gods way. it is the right thing to do. if we live life gods way, he will bless us. the bible tells us many ways to live life for god. if you are wondering how to live your life for god, look it up in the bible. one of the ways is in "Jone 3:16". that is one of my two favored verses in the bible. the other one is "Jeremiah 29:11". it is a grate verse that brings me up when i am down and blue. i hope you live life gods way. because remember, there is only one way. it is God's way.


i believe there are angles among us. they teach us how to live for God. they tack our hand in our darkest hour. i have been affected by angles in my life. i am only 12 and i am seeing angles. that shows that you can be any age to see angles. one time, i saw one at church. i know what your thinking, "well that's kind of obvious that you would see one in church. don't you see them there all the time." but no. i was the one to really see the angel. at first he was in a corner neer me in th auditorium (the sanctuary), then she moved tore me. next thing i new, this shining, young, lady was siting down next to me. she was whereing a beautiful wight gown that came down to cover her feet and a silver sash. her wings where pure wight, like fresh snow that had just fell and had not been steeped in. she was beautiful. she sang to all the worship songs. i was amazed at her. after church, she smiled at me. i turned around to my mom and then turned back to where the angel had been. she was gone. "where did she go" i thought to myself. that was the first time i saw an angel. the next time, i did not see the angel, but it was there. the next time i ran into one was last night. a was walking across the street and my really old dog Tailor was falowing me. i was crossing the street and a car was coming down the rode. it was going very fast. i tried to mack it stop but Tailor stopped instead. the car did not stop. "Tailor" i screamed, at the top of my lungs. i closed my eyes and covered my ears ( so i would not hear the thud). when i opened my eyes i expected to see Tailor laying in the rode, dead. but what i did see was the complete opeset. Tailor was standing in front of me, waging her tall. i bent down and hugged her. "angles are so real" i told her. " they have kept you safe for 17 years" i also told her. "angles are so real" i said once more. i said it in my head over and over for the rest of that night. and so, i believe, with all of my hart, that angles are right beside us every moment of every day.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


what do you git if you cross a cold with a leaky faucet?
cough drops

how is food served to the man on the moon?
on satellite dishes

what do rodents drink in the summer?
mice tea

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

when strife shatters...

Guest Post: Kristin (The Mom)

Andrew sat on the small stool next to the stove where I was putting together a meal for dinner. He held a glass jar of Gobstoppers on his lap, randomly shaking them to make a rattle sound. After a few dozen shakes I asked him to stop because the sound was becoming annoying. Gobstoppers is the choice of candy for our family and the jar had dwindle away to nothing but greens and yellows. Except one red. We like to pick our favorites when we grab a handful of the sweet treat. Obviously the green and yellow ones are not our favorites. Madison stood in front of him with her small handful of green and yellow treats. "Andrew, do you like the green and yellow ones?" She ask her brother. "uh huh? " he mumbled after popping one of the round balls in his mouth. "I'll trade you this handful of green and yellows for the red one you have there." she bargained, hopeful to gain the infamous favorite colored candy. "Okay." He responded, slyly, then quickly popping the red one in his mouth. Mean, just mean. Madison's face turned red, and a slew of unkind hateful words poured out of her mouth. Suddenly, a peaceful conversation in the kitchen turned into a war zone, full of selfish actions, anger, and wrath. I turned from the stove and reached for the jar of candy in Andrew's hands, in the struggle, the jar flew from both of our hands, glass shattered in a thousand pieces across the kitchen floor, and our beloved Gobstoppers rolled to the furthest corners of the room. We all froze in silence, mostly because we were startled by the loud shatter of glass and cautioned by the tiny sharp pieces that now lay around our feet. Madison and Andrew were carefully sent to their rooms.

STRIFE is defined as a struggle, fight, or quarrel. It is contention or competition between rivals.

STRIFE is the opposite of LOVE. Strife is being at odds with others. Strife comes when we demand our own way.

In the story above Andrew acted in such a way that did not put others before himself. He was not walking in love. Madison became angry because she had been offended and did not get her way. Her hateful response demanded her own way. She was not walking in love.
The minute we step out of love, and love means putting others before ourselves, we enter strife. And strife shatters.

Minutes later Madison reentered the kitchen getting the broom and dustpan. Andrew quickly followed with the trashcan, and they began to pick up the shattered pieces together. Andrew wanted to glue the jar back together, and I informed him that it was beyond repair, it had to go in the trash.

Our hateful actions and hurtful words, when said and done, can't be taken back.
When we allow strife to enter our hearts, our hearts will shatter. Just like the candy jar, when it shatters it can no longer hold the sweet treats it was meant for. The jar becomes useless. When our hearts shatter, from strife, it can no longer hold the love and joy it is meant to hold.

We cleaned up the broken pieces of glass, so no one else could get hurt. We regathered the candy and found a NEW jar to hold it. And, we all committed to slam the door on strife. BECAUSE STRIFE ALWAYS SHATTERS...

"Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses." Proverbs 10:12

Where have you seen strife? At home? At school? At church?
How can love close the door on actions of strife?

much love, kristin

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011


two days ago i got glasses. yes. real prescription glasses. i need them to see. they are so cool. they are black. i love them so much. i can see the whole world better than i ever could before in my hole life. alright that is a exaggeration. there once was a time when i could see fine. i am near sighted so i cant see far away. i got a green glasses case that has red on the inside. it looks very Christmas like. i use one of my moms little eye glass cleaner rags. the case did not come with one. i got my glasses at leanscrafters. that is the glasses store in the mall. i got to leave school early so i could go to git them. after i got them we went shopping. i got a lot of cool close and accessories. all of it went with my glasses. i keep my glasses it the case when i am not using them. i want my glasses to stay really nice. every one tells me i look so different in my glasses. i think i look grate in them. if you go to my school (fcms) you will see me with them on Monday.they are really cool.

antibullying statement

I came up with an anti-bullying statement to go toward my interact award in my jorny for girl scouts. This is the statement...

leave bullying to the bulls. become human and stop bullying today.

Don't you think it is great? I do! I encourage you to come up with a anti-bullying statement yourself and to pass this one on by telling it to your friends. A world without bullying wold be a good one. Don't you think it would?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

top ten ways to a better life...

Hi! I'm Kristin, Madison's mom. Madison has allowed me to write a guest post on her blog today, and I am uber excited about sharing what I believe are the top tens ways to a better life, no matter how old you are, where you live, or what circumstance you may find yourself in. If you are visiting Madison's blog I hope you are inspired by the top ten ways to a better life, and hopefully Madison will invite me back for future guest posts.

So, without further ado... The TOP TEN ways to a better life...

#10... Don't Envy what others have. Learn to be happy with what you have been given. Find contentment in your own life and find something to be thankful for everyday!

#9... Don't Lie... Shoot straight and never allow your tongue to be crooked. Always make sure you speak the truth. Lying can literally make you sick and bring bad things into your life.

#8... Don't Steal... including others joy and peace..

#7...Don't have boyfriends or girlfriends when you are married... simply learn the importance of keeping your promise, making a commitment and sticking to it. Being faithful in what you say and do.

#6... Don't Kill...including others Spirits.

#5... Obey your mom and day... Learn to honor and obey your authority because that is where you are protected.

#4... Keep the Sabbath day Holy... Learn the importance of rest, worship, connection, and growth.

#3... Don't use the Lord's name in a flippant or bad way.. Make sure to have the utmost respect for the very one who made you.

#2... Don't make false idols.. Never devote yourself to something that is not true or not real.

And the #1 way to your better life... Put the one true God above everything else... then everything else in life will fall in order. There you will have peace and harmony.. A BETTER LIFE!! :)


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my shoulder buddie...

My grandmother (the one i call meme) got me and my brother each a Shoulder Buddie. I got Pep and he got Ace. Shoulder Buddies are little creatures that sit on your shoulder. you put a magnet under your shirt and place the creatures on top 0f the little magnet. that have really soft hair that you can brush and fix. i like mine because it has different colored hair that i like to put in a bow. i wear mine around the house. the magnet that they come with has their name and symbol on the front and their pic on the back. They have a star on there butt, their eye, and on their symbol that is on their belly. They don't have arms, they only have legs. I think that's OK because they are always sitting. They have a bird beak and a lot of other stuff. that is all i have to say about sholder buddies. i will post some pics of shoulder buddies above. i hope you enjoy them.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Frankies Fun Park

Today me, Andrew, Bryson, Avery, my mom, and my dad all went to Frankie's fun park. It was so much fun! I did this one game where i won 150 tickets. in the end i had 246 tickets. I bought a hole bunch of stuff with that many tickets. I got 11 items total. I got...
  • 1 back scratch-er
  • 1 butterfly hare pin
  • 1 squishy dinosaur
  • 4 plastic air plains
  • 1 cackler
  • 1 Juled ring
  • 1 plastic sticky frog
  • and a set of teddy bear ear phones
That is all the stuff i got at Frankie's fun park. We played lots of games and did rides. The most favorite thing i did was do the go-carts with dad. We each got are own carts. We also went in the fun house. It was HUGE!!! There was these 3 girls who had over 3500 tickets. I got to keep the card that let us do all the rides and games. I am going to put it in a scrap book. I hope i can go back to Frankie's fun park some time soon!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cassies Birthday

My friend Cassie's birthday is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASSIE!!!!!!!! Have a GREAT birthday.

Monday, September 12, 2011

me and my terets syndrome

I found out a wile ago that i had another disorder besides my AD/HD and my dyslexia. I have a disorder called terets syndrome. terets syndrome is a disorder where you have ticks, unwanted movements or noises. i have noticed that my ticks go out of control sometimes, most of the times when i am nervous or upset, but most of the times i can control then pretty well. you might think that i would be completely humiliated by this. well, surprisingly, i am not. it does make me me seem kind of weird sometimes but this is just the way god made me and i like it.who knows, maby i can reach a lot of people with my treats syndrome.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring, Spring

poem by: Madison

Spring is a time when you sit, holding hands, in a field of wild flowers with that special boy you like.

Spring is a time when you go outside and blow bubbles with your best friend.

Spring is a time when you go ride bikes with your little brother and he almost falls off.

Spring is a time to help your mom with yard work, or start a car wash to earn some extra bucks.

Spring is a time to be happy and joyful.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beware of Under the Bed..

Poem: by Madison Spehar

Did you hear of the monster under your bed?
I hear it is big, and scary, and possibly red.
He eats eye balls for breakfast and YOU for dinner.
And you were wondering why you keep getting thinner.
He has fangs, and very sharp horns.
Some people say they are as sharp as thorns.
His eyes are big, red, and scary.
Once he ate a cucumber named Larry.
His horns and fangs are draped in blood.
He's covered in slime, dirt, and mud.
So,beware of the monster under the bed.
Or YOU may become big, scary, and red.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Friends, I just love my friends. Don't you? They are always there to help you up, if you fall somewhere along the path of life. I am so glad to have friends, but I am most grateful for the ones I have now. Cassie and Maddy, my two best friends for life. I don't know what I would do if I had no friends. That would be awful! Imagine, a life with no friends to go hangout with when you are bored. I would not be able to be happy without the friends that make me happy. I love friends. I hope I will always have such good friends.

dedicated to: my best friends,Cassy and Maddy