Saturday, December 31, 2011

tic tac's

One of my favorite candy is tic tac's. i love those things. when i got then when i was little, i would always pretend that it was medicine that i had to tack in order to stay healthy. the other day, my mom took me and my little brother, Andrew, to target. while we where there, i got a mouse for my computer and mom got a vacuum cleaner. after we got to the checkout, me and Andrew both got to git to pick out our own piece or thing of candy. we both chose tic tac's. the orange kind is our favorite, so we both chose that. it was amazing how fast we could find and pick out the special candy. as soon as the cashier handed us back our beloved teats we opened them and shook out two each. as soon as we plopped the two delicious candy in our mouths, we umed and awed. to us, the candy was one of the best things in the world. i still have some of those beloved tic tac's. Andrew ran out the other day. eater way you chose to eat your candy, fast or slow. NOTHING beats tic tac's.

Friday, December 23, 2011


there is only ONE "good" way to live life. that way is GOD'S WAY. we should always live life Gods way. it is the right thing to do. if we live life gods way, he will bless us. the bible tells us many ways to live life for god. if you are wondering how to live your life for god, look it up in the bible. one of the ways is in "Jone 3:16". that is one of my two favored verses in the bible. the other one is "Jeremiah 29:11". it is a grate verse that brings me up when i am down and blue. i hope you live life gods way. because remember, there is only one way. it is God's way.


i believe there are angles among us. they teach us how to live for God. they tack our hand in our darkest hour. i have been affected by angles in my life. i am only 12 and i am seeing angles. that shows that you can be any age to see angles. one time, i saw one at church. i know what your thinking, "well that's kind of obvious that you would see one in church. don't you see them there all the time." but no. i was the one to really see the angel. at first he was in a corner neer me in th auditorium (the sanctuary), then she moved tore me. next thing i new, this shining, young, lady was siting down next to me. she was whereing a beautiful wight gown that came down to cover her feet and a silver sash. her wings where pure wight, like fresh snow that had just fell and had not been steeped in. she was beautiful. she sang to all the worship songs. i was amazed at her. after church, she smiled at me. i turned around to my mom and then turned back to where the angel had been. she was gone. "where did she go" i thought to myself. that was the first time i saw an angel. the next time, i did not see the angel, but it was there. the next time i ran into one was last night. a was walking across the street and my really old dog Tailor was falowing me. i was crossing the street and a car was coming down the rode. it was going very fast. i tried to mack it stop but Tailor stopped instead. the car did not stop. "Tailor" i screamed, at the top of my lungs. i closed my eyes and covered my ears ( so i would not hear the thud). when i opened my eyes i expected to see Tailor laying in the rode, dead. but what i did see was the complete opeset. Tailor was standing in front of me, waging her tall. i bent down and hugged her. "angles are so real" i told her. " they have kept you safe for 17 years" i also told her. "angles are so real" i said once more. i said it in my head over and over for the rest of that night. and so, i believe, with all of my hart, that angles are right beside us every moment of every day.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


what do you git if you cross a cold with a leaky faucet?
cough drops

how is food served to the man on the moon?
on satellite dishes

what do rodents drink in the summer?
mice tea