Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring, Spring

poem by: Madison

Spring is a time when you sit, holding hands, in a field of wild flowers with that special boy you like.

Spring is a time when you go outside and blow bubbles with your best friend.

Spring is a time when you go ride bikes with your little brother and he almost falls off.

Spring is a time to help your mom with yard work, or start a car wash to earn some extra bucks.

Spring is a time to be happy and joyful.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beware of Under the Bed..

Poem: by Madison Spehar

Did you hear of the monster under your bed?
I hear it is big, and scary, and possibly red.
He eats eye balls for breakfast and YOU for dinner.
And you were wondering why you keep getting thinner.
He has fangs, and very sharp horns.
Some people say they are as sharp as thorns.
His eyes are big, red, and scary.
Once he ate a cucumber named Larry.
His horns and fangs are draped in blood.
He's covered in slime, dirt, and mud.
So,beware of the monster under the bed.
Or YOU may become big, scary, and red.