Sunday, October 30, 2011


two days ago i got glasses. yes. real prescription glasses. i need them to see. they are so cool. they are black. i love them so much. i can see the whole world better than i ever could before in my hole life. alright that is a exaggeration. there once was a time when i could see fine. i am near sighted so i cant see far away. i got a green glasses case that has red on the inside. it looks very Christmas like. i use one of my moms little eye glass cleaner rags. the case did not come with one. i got my glasses at leanscrafters. that is the glasses store in the mall. i got to leave school early so i could go to git them. after i got them we went shopping. i got a lot of cool close and accessories. all of it went with my glasses. i keep my glasses it the case when i am not using them. i want my glasses to stay really nice. every one tells me i look so different in my glasses. i think i look grate in them. if you go to my school (fcms) you will see me with them on Monday.they are really cool.

antibullying statement

I came up with an anti-bullying statement to go toward my interact award in my jorny for girl scouts. This is the statement...

leave bullying to the bulls. become human and stop bullying today.

Don't you think it is great? I do! I encourage you to come up with a anti-bullying statement yourself and to pass this one on by telling it to your friends. A world without bullying wold be a good one. Don't you think it would?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

top ten ways to a better life...

Hi! I'm Kristin, Madison's mom. Madison has allowed me to write a guest post on her blog today, and I am uber excited about sharing what I believe are the top tens ways to a better life, no matter how old you are, where you live, or what circumstance you may find yourself in. If you are visiting Madison's blog I hope you are inspired by the top ten ways to a better life, and hopefully Madison will invite me back for future guest posts.

So, without further ado... The TOP TEN ways to a better life...

#10... Don't Envy what others have. Learn to be happy with what you have been given. Find contentment in your own life and find something to be thankful for everyday!

#9... Don't Lie... Shoot straight and never allow your tongue to be crooked. Always make sure you speak the truth. Lying can literally make you sick and bring bad things into your life.

#8... Don't Steal... including others joy and peace..

#7...Don't have boyfriends or girlfriends when you are married... simply learn the importance of keeping your promise, making a commitment and sticking to it. Being faithful in what you say and do.

#6... Don't Kill...including others Spirits.

#5... Obey your mom and day... Learn to honor and obey your authority because that is where you are protected.

#4... Keep the Sabbath day Holy... Learn the importance of rest, worship, connection, and growth.

#3... Don't use the Lord's name in a flippant or bad way.. Make sure to have the utmost respect for the very one who made you.

#2... Don't make false idols.. Never devote yourself to something that is not true or not real.

And the #1 way to your better life... Put the one true God above everything else... then everything else in life will fall in order. There you will have peace and harmony.. A BETTER LIFE!! :)


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my shoulder buddie...

My grandmother (the one i call meme) got me and my brother each a Shoulder Buddie. I got Pep and he got Ace. Shoulder Buddies are little creatures that sit on your shoulder. you put a magnet under your shirt and place the creatures on top 0f the little magnet. that have really soft hair that you can brush and fix. i like mine because it has different colored hair that i like to put in a bow. i wear mine around the house. the magnet that they come with has their name and symbol on the front and their pic on the back. They have a star on there butt, their eye, and on their symbol that is on their belly. They don't have arms, they only have legs. I think that's OK because they are always sitting. They have a bird beak and a lot of other stuff. that is all i have to say about sholder buddies. i will post some pics of shoulder buddies above. i hope you enjoy them.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Frankies Fun Park

Today me, Andrew, Bryson, Avery, my mom, and my dad all went to Frankie's fun park. It was so much fun! I did this one game where i won 150 tickets. in the end i had 246 tickets. I bought a hole bunch of stuff with that many tickets. I got 11 items total. I got...
  • 1 back scratch-er
  • 1 butterfly hare pin
  • 1 squishy dinosaur
  • 4 plastic air plains
  • 1 cackler
  • 1 Juled ring
  • 1 plastic sticky frog
  • and a set of teddy bear ear phones
That is all the stuff i got at Frankie's fun park. We played lots of games and did rides. The most favorite thing i did was do the go-carts with dad. We each got are own carts. We also went in the fun house. It was HUGE!!! There was these 3 girls who had over 3500 tickets. I got to keep the card that let us do all the rides and games. I am going to put it in a scrap book. I hope i can go back to Frankie's fun park some time soon!!!