Sunday, February 5, 2012

the super bowl is on. patriot's and giant's are playing this year. i am pulling for new york giant's. i hope the bowl this year is as good as last year. hope you guys enjoy it.

valintines day is comeing up and our school will be having a dance. hope you guys all have a date. if you don't, that's OK, you don't have to have one. just be able to come. i might be comeing by myself. i hope you guys can all come. hope to see you there.

Friday, February 3, 2012

"MR. chatroom" is a new chat room that i am opening up on my blog. where you ushal go to comment, you will go to chat. i hope you all visit it. it will open febuary 5th or 10th. what ever time i can git to the computer. i hope you all come by.
every week or so, i will start to post a chapter or so of a book i am wrighting on my blog. the story is called "Anna and Sue" it is verry intaresting i hope you enjoy it.

“wait up!” Anna called, but Sue was to far up the mountain to hear. “Sue? Sue? Where are you Sue?” there was a ruffling in the bush. “Sue, that’s not funny!” Anna said at the bush. All of a sudden a wolverine jumped out of the bush. “brahh” screamed Anna, as the stuffed toy landed on her chest. “ha ha ha” calked Sue. “that was not funny” said Anna shakily. “it was to me” declared Sue still laughing at Anna. “no it was not!” Anna screamed. “calm down you little baby.” laughed Sue. “I am NOT a baby. And you STOP calling me names and scaring me. It not nice.” yelled Anna. Who was truly getting tired of Sue picking on her. Anna and Sue had been friends for five years. They where now in 8th grade and where on a felid trip as partners. ”whatever” Sew cried back over her shoulder. “ are you coming or what, baby” Anna did not follow, but instead got up and went over to sit down on a rock. “ we don have time for resting. The rest center is just up the trail a little. Come on” Anna did not move from the rock. “I will not follow you. You are a big fat mean person.” Anna shouted to Sue. “now you really sound like a baby. Get up and get over hear now Ann!” yelled Sue with all her might. “no!” Anna yelled back. “now! Or I tell teacher.” Anna got up but did not walk up the trail to where Sue was. Instead she started to walk down the trail, back to where the empty busses where. Half way down she looked down at the friendship bracelet she made for her and Sue to where. She took hers and pulled her pocket knife out of her pocket, placed the blade up next to the bracelet and in one swift swipe, the bracelet fell to the ground. “stupid Sue!” Anna told herself angrily “or should I say Susan” she laughed. Then she kept on walking. When she got to the bus she leaned on a tree and waited for a group or two to come back.