Sunday, September 1, 2013

talking to strangers

today  was the first time that i had ever gone on a video chat web sight and showed my face. well, i didn't really show my face. i was with my friend Haley. we where both dressed as home stuck characters. i was dresses as Dave Strider and she was dressed as Terezi. it was really fun talking to people we didn't know because we had the settings to where we would only talk to home stuck fans. we talked to these two girls for a while and the one girl calmed to be my (Dave Strider) and Karkats child. we talked to them for a long time and they where really fun to talk to. then we lost connection and we had to stop talking to them. we talked to a few other people and then we ran into this guy who said that he was going to kill me (Dave Strider) and Haley (Terezi). he also said that he killed my (Dave Strider) bro and Kanaya. i whisperer loudly to Haley (Terezi) that we needed to kill him. he said "you know David, i heard that. and i will kill you first". me (Dave Strider) and Haley (Terezi) started laughing. he told us not to be laughing because we where doomed (or something like that). than he said it was nice talking to us and he disconnected. we saw a lot more characters and then we saw some one dressed as jade. we started talking and then she said that she had to ask me (Dave Stride) something. she put on sunglasses and ask me if she was cool now. i said idk. and she said that she could not be cool like i (Dave Strider) was. i said that coolness was on the inside and she said that she would never be cool like me (Dave Strider) and that she needed me to stay cool for her. i said shore thing and we started laughing. than we started laughing and dancing and being wired. we talked about how mean Haley (Terezi) was but we where just kidding. it was really fun to talk to all of them. i hope to be able to talk to more people on omegal soon.

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