Sunday, September 1, 2013

i meant to post this 4-5 days ago...

hi there. i haven't  blogged in a long time and i will most likely be a long time until i blog again. so sorry for that. but i realize that i have a lot of new likes now.  for instance, i am now a pretty big fan of this web comic called homestuck. it is really cool. my favorite character so far is Gamzee. HoNk HoNk :o)
i am a brony. i know, i know... hate all you want. i don't care. and neater do the other bronies. i have 2 my little pony figurine collectables (Derpy, and Flutter shy), 3 miniature my little pony collectables, a my little pony build a bear (Rainbow dash), and a my little pony (Luna is best princess) shirt. i have also watched every episode of  my little pony. i like adventure time and have an adventure time shirt. but it serves as more of a pajama shirt or a "weekend at my house doing nothing at all" shirt any more. i have 3 my little pony pins and one adventure time pin. i have 3 adventure time rubber bracelet and 1 my little pony bracelet. i used to loooooove adventure time, and don't get me wrong, i still think it is a really cool show, but i am not crazy for it any more.
i love homestuck as i mentioned before. there is this jacket that i plain to get that says "let me tell you about homestuck". it is green and i really want it. i am gonna get it but i have to do some work around my house first. there is a shirt that i would like to buy as well and it is less money. (but i want the jacket more)
speaking of my house i live with just my mom now. my dad and Andrew moved out near the end of the school year last year. it was sad and it still is (as my parents are still split apart and i think they are planing on getting a divorce) and i do miss getting to see my dad, i think that we are all taking this a little bit better than i expected us to.
but on to happier topics...  i will probibly be blogging a little bit more now that i can get into my blog and all. i don't know how often however. i am now a high school student so i have some more homework than in the past. it was my 3rd day of high school today and i already had a vocabulary test and homework and i have to read over notes for since.
i need to go now (i have homework to finish) so bye now.
HoNk HoNk :o)