Tuesday, March 20, 2012


sometimes i fell lonely in this world. there it is. the word "lonely". lonely- sad because one has no friends or company. I have been lonely lately. i have had some trouble with some friends at school. one person has been mad at me for a while. she has now gotten one of my friends to turn away form being my friend. that girl has gotten another girl, Skylar, who is in all of my classes, to be "mad" at me. the one who took Skylar from me is now trying to get me to have no friends. i don't have friends in most of my classes that i can sit with and talk to because of the strict seating chart in all of my classes. i fell lonely most of the time. it is hard for me to have friends and even harder for me to find them because of my ad/hd and other symptoms. i love it when i find a friend. but it is kind of hard when i find out the friend was never a real friend. it is VERY hard for me. it causes me to fell lonely. i still have a few good friends, though, i hardly git to see them. i do, however, have one TRUE friend that will never leave me. he is ALL of my classes. he never will betray me. he does not want me to fell lonely. and i have realized, as long as he is my best friend, i will NEVER fell lonely. that him is God. i can always be happy as long as i have god. he will never give me evil looks, or sling hurtful comments at me. whenever i fell lonely i just tell my self, no matter how many friends betray and turn away from being my friend, he will always be my friend. he is my light of joy in the darkness of sorrow. i just cling to my hope that i will make it to the light and have faith that god will lead me to him safely. he is my joy when i am lonely.


Madison said...

Psalm 68:6
God sets the lonely in families, he leads out the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.

Madison said...

i love having god as a friend

Donna said...

I love you and you will always have me.